Victoria's Story

June 10, 2010 was a day she would never forget. That was the day her daughters were sheltered. Her daughters were 7 years old and 18 months old. Victoria knew she couldn’t continue her life this way. She made a decision that day that she would stop using. “I realized that I had to be important to myself—it wasn’t enough to try to do it for my children.” Victoria began working the 12 steps and eventually was reunified with her children. “Children are a blessing and each day I am able to help them with their homework, get involved in their activities…these are all normal things families do.” Victoria emphasizes how blessed she feels with everything the Safe Children Coalition put in place for her and continues to express gratitude toward her case manager, Lisa Hunt. “I suffered from a powerful disease. Although Lisa has not gone through the disease of addiction, she is powerful in her ability to understand and use the tools she has to do her job so well.”