Luanne's Story

I came to the Y in November 2014 when a neighbor invited me to join him for a spinning class. I was new to the area and delighted to learn that I was so close to such a vibrant Y. I have always tried to stay active until I suffered from a herniated disc and was unable to continue my exercise routine. I ended up with a drop foot which made even walking difficult. After months of therapy I became strong enough to get back into my exercise routine. The instructors at the Y were extremely helpful in directing me to carefully yet effectively pursue my goals and build strength so that I could safely work out. I loved the challenges that the classes provided at every level. And most especially loved the results that I was seeing in my own body. I speak in the past tense because I am currently living over seas in Myanmar. Upon Erin's suggestion I purchased my own TRX and am continuing my training here. She has been kind enough to forward routines that I can incorporate into my practice. I learned appropriate exercises in my Pilates reformer class that I can do on my own to strengthen my weak leg. I will be forever grateful to all the people who helped me on my journey and I look forward to returning to the Y upon our return to the US.