Darshan's Story

Dan caught me last Wednesday to tell me how this Y changed his life. Dan isn’t his real name, but it’s easier to pronounce than Darshan. He’s from India, then New York, and now happily home in Sarasota. He came to the Y by “accident,” he said. I told him it wasn’t an accident; he was supposed to be here! Dan just recently started learning to swim. He was terrified of the water, he couldn’t stand to have his face in the water, but he mustered up the courage to try because he knew he needed to know how to swim living in Florida. Dan, according to Andrea, can now swim the length of the pool with rhythmic breathing. He is signing up for more lessons to be better and more comfortable in the water. Dan is “in his 70’s.” WOW!! How powerful to be part of a movement, a cause, that helps people achieve lifelong goals and literally changes lives, in this case, may have saved a life!