Employee Spotlight


Curtiss Walker

Case Manager, YFA (Manatee)

Curtiss is a true team player! Polite and courteous, he is very supportive and helpful to everyone, and he never backs away from hard work.

Curtiss has a true gift of remaining calm and even-tempered in the most tumultuous of storms that hit his cases! And he has some extremely tough ones.

Curtiss says the most inspiring part of his job is seeing children in happy environments. His favorite responsibility is learning about the children he works with. He loves when they are excited to tell him about their day and describing their different activities.

We would love to clone Curtiss and have at least 5 or 6 more like him!

Fun Facts:

If he could change his first name it would be “Swift.” That way he would be called “Swift Walker.”

Curtiss shared the dental bus chair with a small child to comfort them and help them stay calm through the whole exam.