Employee Spotlight

0619 Jill Steiner pic.jpeg

Jill Steiner

Senior Director of Out-of-Home Care, YMCA

Always with a smile on her face, Jill has a way of making staff members feel recognized and important. She says that seeing how much our staff cares about the children and families we work with is the most inspiring thing about her job. Jill is a dedicated and devoted team player, and it shows—she says her favorite responsibility is working with her team. A great leader with a positive attitude, Jill is respected by all staff and community partners.

A college professor’s words encouraged Jill to go into child welfare and help people in her community. “We pay now, or we pay later… it is up to you!” What motivates Jill is helping the kids we serve, and one day, she hopes that there will no longer be a need for child welfare workers because all kids will be safe.


Jill loves all kinds of music, and her favorite thing to do is go to concerts.

Ireland is a dream spot that Jill and her husband would like to visit.

Her grandfather is her favorite relative because he was a foster child in Denmark and grew up to be an amazing man.

Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our families, Jill!