Employee Spotlight

0719 Johnell Lambert pic 2.jpg

Johnell Lambert

Case Manager, YMCA

Johnell is a team player and is always willing to help out when another staff member is in need. She is very passionate about her kiddos on her case load and their safety, and she is not afraid to state her concerns in court and advocate for her children. 

Johnell didn’t realize how much she loves working with kids and making a difference in their lives until she became a case manager. Even though she didn’t set out to work in child welfare, she now sees how all the pieces of social work that she is passionate about fit into it.

Motivated by successful cases, happy children, and healthy parents, Johnell hopes that kids and families will genuinely say that she made a difference in their lives. Looking back 25 years from now, she hopes to be satisfied with her work as a social worker.


Johnell dreams of visiting Ireland and experiencing the culture there. She imagines it to be beautiful.

Growing up, her favorite person was her grandmother, Carol, who passed away from cancer at an early age. Seeing hundreds of people attend the funeral inspired Johnell to make a big impact on her community like her grandmother had. (Her grandfather, David, is pretty awesome and supportive too, she says!)

Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our families, Johnell!